Effectiveness of Using The (K.W.L) Strategy in theTeaching of Teaching Methods Course on The Development of Cognitive Achievement of Female Students in Qassim University, and Improve Their Attitudes Towards It

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Assistant Professor, Curricula and Methods of Teaching Home Economics, Faculty of Education, Sohag University


This current study is aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using the (K.W.L) strategy in  teaching methods to develop the cognitive achievement of the female students in Qassim University and to improve their attitudes towards it. To achieve this study,  the sample was selected randomly from the female students at the Department of Fashion Design, The Study was applied on two independent groups, one experimental group (32) and the other control group (32) and the equivalence of the two groups were determined. The contents of the textbooks were analyzed by the description of the course (K.W.L) strategy.
In order to answer the questions of the study, the researcher  was prepared the  materials and tools, which were as following : (teacher's manual - student's booklet). The tools were as following: (cognitive test - measure of attitude towards the course), and the validity and stability of booth were checked, The experimental group was studied the subjects of special teaching methods (1) with the (K.W.L) strategy, The control group was studied the same subjects in the traditional way, The Study tools were applied to the two groups, The results indicated that there were statistically significant differences at the level of (0,05) between the mean scores of the students of the two groups (experimental and control) in the cognitive test and the measure of the attitude towards the syllabus for the benefit of the experimental group.

Volume 61, Issue 61 - Serial Number 61
مناهج وطرق التدریس ( اللغة العربیة- الإنجلیزیة – الفرنسیة – الریاضیات – العلوم- الفنون- الاقتصاد المنزلی- التجاری ... )
Pages 465-511
  • Receive Date: 27 June 2019
  • Accept Date: 27 June 2019